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Friday, March 5, 2010

First post from the "Sticks"

Hello out there...I am posting my first official blog post from Enfield NH...yes, that's right- we have wireless!!!!!!  Amongst the woods, deer and whatever else lives out here I'm sitting in my shabby chic office typing away with my little sidekick Lu next to me on her bed (pics will be up soon)

I have to say...I could quite get used to working from home...we'll just have to see how Matty feels about that one.  

Anyway, recently I find myself in a "nesting mode"...I want to fix everything up and make it nice and homey- i think it's finally hit me that I'll be living here in a few short months!  Aug. 6 seems to be creeping right up on me.

Now, don't go thinking that "nesting mode" means that I want to have a little bambino running around the house...not yet my friends.  I have had two dreams recently where I have had a baby and have left it places.  I told that to my pregnant boss who told me, "that probably means you're not ready to have kids yet"...I'm going to wholeheartedly agree with her on that (although she has been getting some really cute teeny tiny clothes for the little one...an oxford onesie- c'mon!!!!!!)

No, this nesting seems to be more along the lines of painting, re-arranging and organizing...Oh, and stalking any and all decorating blogs known to man.  A few new favs are:
-www.notcot.org (thank you Kates!)

Here is another little something I was drooling over earlier...(courtesy of www.elementsofstyleblog.com

Love the glass containers...love the whole thing.

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