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Monday, March 15, 2010

A Little Monday Inspiration

I'm loving this room...it gives off a cool, "not trying too hard" vibe

I love the "burlap-esque" pillows and the thick table with chunky basket and candles...this would look great out in the "sticks"...now if I could only swap that picture for a deer-head we'd be golden!

Also, take a look at this bedroom...also to die for!

Doesn't it just say, "mature adults with fabulous taste live here"...I love the demure colors, the finish on the dressers and the FAB oversize mirror against the wall (although I'd have to sleep on the other side for fear of waking up staring into my own eyes in the middle of the night!)

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**photos courtesy of Restoration Hardware**

Coming tomorrow: Lucy-Lu Tuesday! (as I type, the little wonder is laying on my lap fast asleep like a good little nugget)

here's a sneak peek.... (don't judge my pj's...or my pale-ness)