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Sunday, April 24, 2011

fun find

So I was hitting up one of my favorite blogs (http://foreverpeaches.blogspot.com/) when I came across something that I HAD TO HAVE...and...it was only $3.99!  Thanks you Vanessa for your fab taste and for finding this adorbs site!

I mean check these out:

Personalized (my favorite thing) backgrounds for your iPhone/iPad (my other favorite thing)!!!!

For more options visit the site here: http://mckinleymargo.com/

The homepage is so cute too...really makes me want to learn more about graphic design...i would LOVE to create things like this!

Hope you all had a great weekend...I had a busy one!  Recap and photos from Nan-A-Palooza coming tomorrow!



  1. Hi Lindsay! which one did you decide on? They're so cute hey? such gorgeous designs. Make sure you show us which one you end up getting! x

  2. Lindsay-
    Thank you so much for featuring my little wallpapers! So happy that you found me!

    Thanks to Forever Peaches too! ;)

    My best!