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Monday, April 4, 2011

Yay Makeup!

Okay, so I just want to apologize for my very dramatic previous post.  I had a rough day at work (not made any easier by the fact that I'm PMS-ing)...sorry for the drama, I'm back to my regular (albeit sometimes snarky) self.

On to one of my favorite things...MAKEUP!!!!

I decided that I'd let you all in on some of my very favorite (and sometimes very necessary) makeup must-haves!

First things first...I prefer not to leave the house without concealer and blush. It's just not a great look without.  My favorite concealer of all time is Laura Mercier, and my fav blush is without question NARS in Orgasm. Loves it.

Next up is an all-over bronzer.  Love this one from Benefit: Dallas...it's bronzer with a little kick to it...it's a great go-to in the dead of winter up here in NH (aka no man's land or the land of no sun)

Last up (I say last up because this is mostly for special occasions...or if for some reason I have more than 2 minutes to get ready in the morning) is eyeshadow and liner.  I prefer putting my eyeliner on with a flat brush...I find that it stays on longer and doesn't creep into my contacts quite as much.  I typically just line the top lash line (unless I'm feeling really sassy).  I also picked up a great tip from somewhere (can't remember where) that dipping your eyeliner brush in contact solution rather than water makes it last longer...it totally does...try it out and let me know how it goes!

I also really like the above eyeshadow combo from Stila because each shadow works great individually or equally well when layered/combined (again, usually only for special occasions!)!

Happy Monday Girlie Girls!  XOX

ps. I'm in the market for a new mascara, hence the lack of one on here...I need suggestions! Help a sister out!


  1. Faux Cils by YSL is the most amazing mascara of all time. People will think you are wearing fakes. xoxox

  2. I love Bad Gal Lash from benefit, not clumpy but adds great length!

  3. I love the Hoola bronzer from Benefit - use it all year round and it lasts FOREVER. Very complimentary for fair skin, despite it being darker-looking in the box.