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Monday, August 22, 2011

Football Season is Here Again

Today marks the first day of pre-season for BT.  He is now officially in work mode and will remain so until late December...and then resume again in January (for recruiting).

This time of year always makes me feel happy and sad at the same time.  Happy because I do LOVE college football season.  I mean I have a countdown going on at the house leading up to the first CFB game this weekend BUT it also always stirs up some of the memories that make the season hard.

Last night, as I was creating the schedule board at home (photo coming soon) I was hit with the reality of the season.  There are a limited number of games and a seemingly unlimited number of expectations.  This will be BT's 6th year at back at the College on the Hill...people are wanting to see an Ivy League Championship Banner hung on the stadium.  The boosters have done their best, they've given a brand new office and meeting facility.  The boosters have also generously donated new field turf (a life saver during some punishing New England Fall/Winter weather) and this year, the new addition is lights.  No more having to start practice extra early and without a full team (who may still be in class) to make sure a full practice is had before the light fades!

The big green is seemingly well-equipped to dominate this season and I hope that they do.  I'm confident that they would NEVER go down without a fight, but there is that small voice in my head that asks "What if".

What if we don't win all the close games?  No one in this industry gives you credit for a close loss.  The only thing that matters is a big fat W next to that game.

What if the season doesn't go our way?  Will I have to have another stern lecture (slash screaming match) with a disgruntled and rude fan regarding their (usually inaccurate comments) about the coach or the players?  My poor husband had to see this version of me in action this past season...not pretty.

Don't get me wrong, I said before that I love football season and I do.  I just don't love the version of me that comes out during football season. It's a take-no-prisoners version of me.  In real life I'm a nice girl, I write thank-you notes on monogrammed stationary, I smile and say thank you to the woman who hands me my coffee, I help people with their groceries, I really am a nice person...but not if you mess with me, my family or more specifically my dad.  When that happens, and it typically does once or twice a year, I turn into the biggest B*** on the block.

Just imagine, you are sitting down watching your dad at work and someone begins to verbally assault the job he is doing.  Or better yet, they begin second-guessing all calls made and players used.  As if this man on the sideline hasn't spent countless hours in the office preparing for anything that might occur during the game.  As if this man hasn't spent time away from his family, missing school plays, school games, birthday parties, parent-teacher conferences...all so that he can hopefully one-up the other team on that Saturday.

When this happens, I will tend to sit and see if that person will stop.  I typically give them 15 min to get over it.  However, if it goes on longer than that...consider them dust.  I am not afraid to stand up and give them a piece of my mind. (as I have, on several occasions...much to the dismay of my mother and now, my hubby).

Again,  I have a love/hate relationship with the football season, but for now, it's back to LOVE.  I have some cute new green accessories to sport to the Dartmouth games, and some ADORABLE orange and blue options to wear while watching my Gators!  I started reading the newest Sports Illustrated that was all about the College Football Season and it made me so pumped...I immediately ran home and started playing my "fall football playlist" on my iPod while I made up the schedule board!

Hope this wasn't too much of a rant...Happy Monday Everyone!!! XO

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  1. Lindsay- you are a GREAT daughter (and person)!!