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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Oh yeah, I live in NH

Okay so our house was being shown today, so we had some time to kill this afternoon...we decided to hit up the NH Craft fair with Kirtie and BT.  Please forgive the amount of snark you are about to get, but this it literally what it looked like from above:
The amount of cars that were there made me think it was a Gator home game...people were literally parking so far away that they had to be bussed up to the fair.  Here are just a few of my observations (again, snarkiness is in high gear here)
  • Literally, if I saw any more pre-mature gray hair and bra-less women I was going to go out and start a booth that sells bras and hair color....it was not okay.
  • Again, if I saw any more colored glass earrings and molded silver jewelry to match old "celtic" symbols, I was pretty sure I'd puke up stained glass 
  • Why are people selling wooden toys for $249...not sure...guess no one else was either because no one got near that booth
  • If you were interested in decorating your house with quilted animals...this was the place.  You know, just in case you wanted an "aquatic but quilt-themed nursery"...you were totally in business here
  • Also saw lots and lots of blown glass...not sure where you'd put a football-sized glass blown pumpkin, but if you were in the market for that you were in the right spot. Oh, and if they didn't have one in the exact color you wanted, they could make you one to order...sweet.
  • Can I say again how many women there needed a bra and the name of a stylist...It's just not okay to wear a kaftan with hiking boots...even if you have the matching blown glass earrings and necklace!!
Okay, that's enough snark for now.  There were some beautiful pieces of art, just nothing that was my taste.

We later headed down to Sunapee Harbor (which is GORGEOUS), walked around and had some drinks overlooking the harbor, which was super fun!

Hope you all had fabulous weekends...can't wait to hear all about them! XOX


  1. Too funny! Sounds like a blast lol! Kori xoox

  2. I live on Lake Sunapee in the summer and have been to that craft fair a few times..I totally agree it is quite the spectacle and I'm pretty sure where the sterotypical "new hampshire" comes from haha.


  3. Ha ha... too funny. I know exactly the type. What you describe is sort of the typical "New England" granola type which frequents festivals like that one. I grew up in Maine so none of this really shocks me, but I still would never choose to look that way. None of my (preppy, private, New England) college classmates would ever dress in that manner, but some of my high school classmates on FB do. It's honestly a look some people cultivate... I have female high school classmates who are in their early 30s who are prematurely grey and embrace it, along with sort of an "earth mama" look.

    It's really kind of like the redneck or "hick" look... people imagine that rednecks just dress that way for lack of money and thought, but they are part of a subculture and want to fit into it just as much as anyone wants to fit into their own subculture. Just as I dress in the preppy attire of the people in the circles in which I travel, rednecks dress in the attire of their people... they consciously choose it. Same with these kind of "granola" types.

    Okay, that's as much thought as I want to put into that. :-)

    I just found your blog and I'm interested to look around. I am not new to New England (grew up in midcoast Maine, and after college lived in Boston for several years) but I am relatively new to New Hampshire. One might assume all New England states are pretty much the same, but New Hampshire definitely has its own vibe going on, and although I'm sure the "culture shock" for me is nothing like it is for you, it is still there to some extent.