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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bedroom Hopes

Totally wanting to re-do my bedroom...here are some of my inspirations:

Get it?  Turquoise and pink...thinking light turquoise/aqua walls with bright white trim and magenta/pink print duvet.  Thoughts or suggestions?



  1. LOVE! Too funny - I had pinned these exact images the other day :)

  2. Love turquoise and pink so much! very cute!


  3. Who would have thought, pink and turqoise look beautiful together:-) I love your page, I'm new check out my page :-)

  4. They are very pretty colors. (If I were to use this color scheme, I'd probably go with a somewhat toned-down light turquoise, and just a few subtle pink accents.) But are you sure you're not just in summer mode, and won't want something more "cozy" when fall and then winter rolls around? I know my color interests change seasonally.

    Remember resale... these colors fly in Florida but not New Hampshire. I might go with the white walls and bring in the colors with furniture and accessories, unless I want to repaint down the line.

  5. Love Love Love them all!! And I just adore that pink chevron print rug and whatever that last pink pattern is! So chic!

    That's Better.