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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

So What Wednesday!

Before I proceed to SWW, here are a few things I'm drooling over from baublebar.com

Now on to SWW:
1. So what if i had a doughnut at 4pm for a snack...I loved every bite!
2. So what if Lucy peed in the bed last night...she doesn't like when kitty gets up there and messes with her territory (and I actually dig that she has enough sass to stand her ground...just like her momma!)
3. So what if am eating dinner on the couch while watching SATC...hubby is working in the barn and it's just so cozy inside!
4. So what if I fully intend on sleeping in (if 8:30am is considered sleeping in) tomorrow...I may even work from my bed!
5. So what if I still check out hubby's cute little butt.  I swear I still have a crush on him...
I mean how cute is that!

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