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Monday, February 20, 2012

Fresh start

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I say fresh start because I'm trying to start a new routine this week...the Dr. and hubby say that it will do me good to stick to a 'schedule' of sorts.  I guess that my 'get out of bed after hitting snooze 8 times' and race to leave the  house on time isn't working for them.  

Supposedly I need to limit "stress" and they think that being last minute adds stress.  I feel differently...I mean, I'm sleeping (which means no stress) for longer then just 'hustling' to get ready!  I asked if that meant that I get to get more massages/pedicures and hubby said no...I think that's just what I need though :)

Whatever, I'm a good sport so I'm trying their suggestions out.  Another reason that I'm trying to listen to them is because I'm not allowed to drive, which means that hubby is constantly encouraging me to get up earlier so that he can stick to his schedule and drop me off at work (so he can go wherever he needs to that day). I HATE not being able to drive, so anything that I can do to relieve stress and hopefully eliminate seizures!!! Fingers crossed!

Today was day #1 of this "waking up on time" deal.  It went okay, I will grudgingly admit that it was nice not to have to do my makeup in the car...maybe I'll give this whole thing a try again tomorrow...

What are your best "stress relieving" tactics? (besides working out and wine...i got those covered)


  1. Reading, especially the Hunger Games. But actually that book is kinda stressful so maybe something else. Painting. I LOVE painting and I have made lots of cute decos for friends! Don't stress yourself trying to come up with an idea...just go for it. Hope you're feeling better my love!

  2. Bikram Yoga, and reading before bed.

  3. i hate to admit that they are right about getting up earlier so you don't rush. that anxiety is stressful.

    i like to just do the meditating that comes with yoga. but i can do it in my chair, car, bed, etc. [TWSS]


  4. I would recommend reading the "mindful brain" or "mindsight" by Dr. Dan Siegel. You can get them both on Amazon. Its kind of "sciency" reading, but given the seizures, it might be nice to have a deeper understanding of the neurobiology of what goes on. Its very empowering!

  5. Yoga always de-stresses me for some reason. It helps me digest my work day and enjoy the evenings. Also, they are right about getting up earlier so you don't rush. I used to snooze 4-5 times in high school but never do it anymore, and it helps SO much

  6. Girls nights...they always help relieve some stress:)