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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Things that made me happy this week:

I know that you all are very interested in what made me happy this week (this is when we need sarcasm font) but I figured I'd fill you in...you know, just in case

1. Watching Adele on the Grammy's
2. Getting a DELIC King Cake in the mail...there goes my diet
3. Gingerbread latte from fake starbucks (barnes and noble cafe)
4. Pinterest (side note: my boss/friend told me that there was this awesome web site that a client told her about that had "something to do with pictures" and "started with a P"...to which I said...Pinterest! She was like "oh yeah...she said it's super new and cool"....I didn't have the heart to tell her it's been around for a while because she was pumped...
5. Nephew in his new shades...(& throwing up a gangster sign- ha!)
Things that didn't make me super happy this week...
1. Watching last week's Greys...note to anyone who has seizures: don't watch it. It will only freak you out and think you can't have children.  I'm serious.
2. Stomach flu....which gave me the time to watch aforementioned Grey's episode.
3. Getting an email from my mom that mentioned condoms.  Just ew.  I'm married...the jig is up.

Hope you all had fab week...XO


  1. HAHA! The email from your mom.... hilarious and awkward!
    I never did get into Grey's, am I missing out?

  2. That pictures of your nephew is hysterical!