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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I know, I know...cue Natalie Imbruglia (or however you spell her name).

But tell me this, do any of you ever feel like you're torn between who you are and who you want to be?  Here's where I'm at currently:
1. I'm torn over whether I want to be the girl who puts on makeup every day or the girl who gets up and rocks the makeup free face unless it's a special occasion (I'm a little of both!)
2. I'm torn over being the girl who wears all of her cute clothes or the girl who typically only dresses up for an occasion. (again...a little of both)
3. I'm torn over being the girl who's in constant communication with everyone or the girl who is a little less accessible but always there if you need her. (it's always good to be a little unplugged).
4. I'm torn over whether I want to make some serious moves to get ahead in my career or whether to stay where I am and focus on being happy there. The grass seems to be always greener.
5. I'm torn over whether to enjoy being married for a few more years or give in to some of the baby cravings I've been having lately (not pregnant now mom ;))
6. I'm torn over pulling away from the whole "football runs our family" lifestyle and letting myself take a step back or invest again and again because it's my family and what I've always done.
7. I'm torn over updating our house when it's currently on the market or I could just leave it be and put my energy into the new house when the time comes.
8. I'm torn over being the employee who is constantly available via phone or email versus being the employee who is dedicated while at work but once I leave, work stays behind. 
9. I'm torn over being perfectly accessorized or being perfectly plain. I have jewelry that I love but never seem to wear.  I should make more of an effort.
10.  I'm torn over whether to write this book on the life of a football coach's kid or just leave it for someone else better equipped to deal with any and all criticism that will inevitably come along with it.
11. (hate ending on 11 but what can you do!) I'm torn on whether to actually speak my mind (and potentially piss people off) or just keep quiet and do as I'm told (this is pretty much just at work)

sorry if I'm being a downer...i really am enjoying my vacation...I just have had plenty of time on the beach to think about all of these things.  do any of you feel like this ever?  It's hard!

Happy Hump Day Y'all! XO


  1. I think who you are is great. It sounds a lot like me and I struggle with those a lot too. Some days at school I dress up and take care of myself, other days I come in dressed in sweat pants. I think It is great that we aren't trying to be anybody and in that we are US! Pretty encouraging :) I can definitely relate to these issues though. I think about them daily.

  2. I'm torn between a few of those things too!

    And really, I'd love for you to write that book :)

  3. i completely understand where you're coming from... are you a gemini too? LOL jk. but in all seriousness, i think we all have days where we're torn... and to me, i think its totally ok to be NEITHER one of the options or a little of both! if there's a day you want to be dressed up, make up, accessorized because it makes you feel good, then go for it. and likewise, if you dont feel like it, then that's ok too. plus i think its more fun to keep people on their toes about what you'll do next! :)

  4. hi sweet pea! I think everyone has their days where they are torn. I certainly am. But it's a-okay to be a little bit of both :) For me personally, I'm okay that I'm not perfect...I'm just me! I make decisions based on my preferences and what I want to do - not for anyone else, and I think that's the most important thing.

    Love you!