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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Welcome Back J.Crew

Long week, so naturally I turned to a nice glass of wino and perused the new J.Crew catalogue!  Here are some of my favs:
Not a fan of the model but LOVE the fun leopard button down...how cute would that be with some lulu leggings, a long cardi and cute ballet flats for fall!

double strand necklace, yes please. (reminds me of the necklace Olivia Benson wears on Law and Order SVU)


so fun!

the perfect blue...almost a GATOR blue

love the whole look...wonder where she got those glasses.?

I know this doesn't look cute here, but imagine it with a fur vest, tights and high boots...Go Dartmouth!
Hope you all had a fabulous week...let's just say that I'm happy it's over!  Off to a wedding today (it's on a boat...can't wait to see how that goes:).
Happy Saturday Peeps.  Only a few more weekends until College Football 2011!!!!!!!


  1. JCrew is wowing me right now!!

  2. I need that blue necklace in my jewelry closet, um, yesterday! :) beautiful!

    That's Better: Improve Your Life Every Day!

  3. Hope the JCrew catalog and a glass of wine helped! I love that double strand necklace as well!!