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Sunday, July 24, 2011

testing the waters...

So I am having a total cleaning-out moment here and have now cleaned out my closet of all things I haven't worn in 6 mo.  I'm going to put them for sale on ebay BUT before I do, I wanted to see if any of my lovies would like to purchase anything:  I have the following things available (pics to come)
-Lululemon sweatshirt
-Tom Ford and Kate Spade sunnies
-French Connection Long Tunic Sweater (striped)
-Elie Tahari black long trousers
-Ella Moss Tank with ruffles (gray)
-J.Crew dresses and sweaters
-Lacoste cashmere sweater
-J.Crew new heals (two colors, worn twice...maybe)

Email me with any questions etc. I'm on email all day: Lindsay.t.knittle@gmail.com

Let me know your thoughts on this...last time I tried this it didn't work out that well but I figured I have better stuff this time!

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  1. Yes to it all! But seriously, email me when you post pics, prices, etc.