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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

On Vacation

Sorry for the lack of posts but I'm on VACAY Y'ALL!  Seriously though, with all the changes at work I really just needed a few days to sit around and not have to think about anything..which was nice for approx 2 hours then I started to think about everything going on at work etc.  Oh, well, I'm a work in progress.

anywhoo...here are 5 things that are going on down here:
1. Hubby and BT are fishing in the morning and evening...Kirtie and I drop them and the kayak off and head out to do whatever we want...yesterday it was Target!  (pics are up on twitter if you're so inclined)
2. I just started reading "Nanny Returns"...it's a "sequel" of sorts to the "Nanny Diaries". So far so good.
3. Lucy has been riding around the 'hood with me in her basket on the front of the pink cruiser bike...pics to come.
4. Wine hour comes early here...at around 4pm, when we leave the beach to drop the boys off.  It's great.  You know what else comes early here...bedtime.  Hubby and I are in bed by around 9pm (and by bed, I mean a full-sized bed...slightly squished but we are both to stubborn to get up and head to the bunk bed room).
5. My new nickname according to hubby is "honey badger" because apparently, unless things are going exactly my way, I don't give a s&*t.  Again...this is totally him and I completely disagree!

Okay, I'm sure I've bored you all enough.  Plus I really need to be getting back to my new obsession: Pinterest...who is on that. It's amazing and slightly addicting.  Follow me (and I'll follow you). Username: Lteevens

Oh- and if any of you don't follow PinkLouLou you MUST.  The most amazing thing happened to her yesterday...I'm super J!!!!!!

hope you all are well XO

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  1. Just saw your comment and how funny that you live in NH! My boyfriend and I have talked about moving there!!!!