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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Just one thing

Have any of you seen this picture?
Now don't get me wrong...I like both of these ladies, but are they really wearing that to go running?  I mean seriously?  The double tank top perfectly pulled down, the huge shades and perfectly half-zipped "jacket"...really?  I think not.  I spoke with someone else about this and they were on my side...these two are faking it!

(note: If they really are running 4 miles like they claim then I'm really jealous that they can wear all that plus makeup and look that good...shame on me for putting up with shorts and sweats).

Moving on, I'm getting my hair colored on Friday (TGIF) and what better way to show off my newly blonded locks than with a style I've been coveting!...anyone know a good and easy way to achieve this look:

spare me the curling iron spiel...can't seem to make it work...I need something else (or possibly just a better way to use said curling iron).

Happy Humpday Luvies!


  1. Linds! Use hot rollers...they work great and will give you the same bedhead curls! xo mal

  2. i said the SAME thing when i saw that picture of KK and HK running. i was like, well fuck, i look bad running already, but then to compare myself to THAT?!? unacceptable.

  3. Curling irons do NOT work on my hair either...so frustrating because I love my hair curled (aka when a salon does it...)