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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cleaning out the closet...Volume 2

So I woke up this morning and totally had the urge to just clean out everything in the house...and my closet in particular.  It might be due to the upcoming move (and packing- yikes!) but I wanted to have a major overhaul. 
Oh, and hubby let me clean out his closet too...there were some vintage goodies in that one...Nordica duds circa early '90s...yeah!
Anyway, while I was doing this I realized that there are some classics that I'll always have in my closet:
1. Crisp white button down
2. Slouchy, long beige sweater
3. Black pencil skirt
What would you all say are your three classics that you keep in your closet?  Oh, and tomorrow I'll show you a few of my favorite ways to wear those classics!

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