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Monday, January 16, 2012

houston we have a problem...

with the whole "no manicures for this chick".  So far I've been good...I've painted my own nails and done an "eh, okay" job...until now. 
I tried to tackle the elusive perfect red manicure.
I failed miserably.
I don't know if I was nervous about it or what...(perhaps the wine didn't help...but it was red too!)
All I know is that it's all over my cuticles and I've been leaving little red marks all over my papers all day...so annoying.  Plus, I start school tomorrow and certainly cannot be leaving red nail marks on those notes, that would just send me right over the edge.
This is where you all come in.
I need help (yes, in more ways than one, but let's focus on the nails for now).
What can I do to stop the nail graffiti...is it just with red nails? 
Do I need a better top coat?
Does this happen to anyone else? (please please humor me and say yes).
HELP ME!(notice I put that in red)

Oh, and if you could give me some suggestions on songs you like for Spinning that would be helpful too!  Happy Monday Peeps XO


  1. Have you tried seche vite quick dry top coat? Red is tricky, but I've had pretty good luck with it!

  2. that is why i just leave my nail au naturale.

    wish i could help little lady.