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Thursday, January 12, 2012

VIP (very important product)

Okay people...I have found the best product on the planet.  It's a mascara and it's called MultiplEYE from Tarte.  As much as I try to look put together every day, sometimes the only thing I can manage to put on is some concealer and this mascara...yes, I will take that extra 2 (very valuable minute) to put this mascara on...it's THAT GOOD.
Check it out:

Yes it's two steps but it is so worth it.  It makes my eyes pop.  The only downfall is that it is on the pricey side of mascara (at $22 for the base and $24 for the mascara) but believe you me I would not recommend something that isn't worth it.  I'll post a pic of my eyes later (right now I'm at worky and can't)...but trust: the lashes are the bomb.com. Happy Thursday Peeps: XO

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