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Thursday, January 5, 2012

I'm related to Justin Beiber

or at least his twin...
Justin B.

little bro

little bro
Okay so maybe I'm not exactly related to Justin himself but I do think that little brother does look a lot like Mr. selena gomez...thoughts?
Thank god I was never one of those Justin Beiber-Fever fans...that would just be gross.
ps. do you think this post can get me to 100 followers? 


  1. I'll help ya get to 100!! I may hit the 100 mark today, as well.. 2 more!!

  2. Yup, or one MILLION. I'm not a Bieber fan either, but I did just follow him on instagram. Why? So I could see him post pictures of Selena Gomez. Now her, her I love.

    The Paleo Project

  3. I did a post on my name with my JB initials. It has recieved the most hits do far.
    Stupid Biebs. I had the initials wayyyyy before he did.