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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Currently coveting...

This bad boy...
Got this in an email from Ms. Spade this am and immediately knew I wanted it...I've seen it in stores before but always held off...until this color came out.  I think I need it for Valentine's day...thoughts?
Happy Thursday loves! XO


  1. ooo I LOVE everything about this! The color, the shape - GORG!!!

  2. so freaking cute. maybe I can get away with buying this instead of a crib... I mean, the baby can sleep in a hamper right?! hah. okay. just kidding... kinda.

  3. Got that email too- it's gorgeous and LOVE the color for V-Day :)

  4. I think that is gorgeous- and it is red- so that means it's the perfect valentine's gift!