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Monday, March 19, 2012

Back to reality

Wow reality hit hard this am. I did NOT want to get up and get to work...coffee helped a little though :)  Anyways, I figured that it's easier to show you my week in pictures than it would be to write all about it (plus it would be a lot to write and I'm not really feeling that), so here it goes!

Top to bottom: LL Cool J and Chris O'Donnell filming NCIS (oh, and there was a Starbucks nearby...winning!), The Girls night 1 (pre-sick), The Girls at the Santa Monica Pier, Myself and a bestie (Katelyn!), Me trying on a cool sleeping mask at Kitson LA (no I didn't buy it)....

Then comes the Mud Ball (post red-eye flight...jealous)

 Again, top to bottom: Me attempting beach waves (succes or no?), the Mud Ball Committee, Crepe Paper backdrops and flowers courtesy of Morgan! (click for more photos), Candy Bar (my fav thing), Candy take-home bags!  I'm sure there are more photos out there I just have to find them...my phone was left in a safe spot so I could get my groove on to the awesome 70s band!

That's all I have for now...hope you all had amazing weekends...I'll be catching up on your blogs all day tomorrow :)


  1. your hair looks awesome.

    beach waves = success!!

  2. The mud ball looks AWESOME!! Ditto to Whit, the beach waves are a definite success!! xo

  3. Ummm, your beach waves are BEAUTIFUL! Can you teach me please?