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Thursday, March 22, 2012


sometimes I really don't like having to put a title on my posts...like, what if there isn't a good title.  I mean you can only use "random" so many times. WTF.

Today is totally random but I'm trying to blog more so I figured I'd write about something...hoping that something funny would happen today.  Nada.  The only eventful thing that happened today was sitting in the lobby at work and trying to ask (beg) people to take a survey...I know, my job is uber cool.

What you ask? What was this survey about?  Nothing cool I promise...just about the work Web site (do they use it, is it effective/easy to use etc.)

Total snoozefest.  I did however realize that there are a few categories of people:
1. The "I'm too busy for your b.s." people...they'll ask you what you're doing but then say something like "oh I don't do surveys"...um okay...well I don't do FUPA's...get back in the gym and do some freaking crunches
2. The "I don't make eye contact" people...you know the one's.  They are usually totally socially awkward people and have no other recourse other than looking straight ahead and increasing their pace as they walk by you. (these people typically come up from the locker room in all-white sneakers with high socks...and not cool Air Force One white sneaker but more like sketchers or Avia shoes)
3. The oh-so-adorable older ladies that want to help so badly but can't because they didn't know we had a Web site.  A few of them offered to fill out the survey but ended up defeating my cause (I'm campaigning for a new Web site so positive reviews of the current one don't really give me any ammo)
4. The creepy older guys who try to hit on you...gross.  I can clearly see your wedding band through your hairy knuckles and besides...you are WAY too old for me (and your tank top is not cute)
5. The genuinely helpful people who are really nice and take the survey seriously (although these people seem to be in the minority...although there were several of these awesome peeps today)

I hope that this post gave you at least a smile...although thinking of the creeps made me cringe slightly!

I have a video for you all tomorrow...totally embarrassing btw.  Happy Thursday XO

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