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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Beach Essentials

Beach Essentials

Beach Essentials by lteevens featuring stretch jewelry
Beach Essentials:
1. Bandeau bikini = no tan lines
2. Bottoms with a rollover top = no muffin top (and if you don't have at least a little muffin top f-you)
3. Hat to protect face (bronzer will even you out)
4. Cute towel (preferably monogrammed)
5. Beach tote to carry all tabloid magazines, tunes and beer (plus large water for hydration)
6. Flippies (one pair for beach, one pair to go to dinner in)
7. Beach skirt (my favs are from Target!)
8. Easy to throw on dress for dinner (should go perfectly over bathing suit)
9. SPF face lotion (I love Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer with spf 20)
10. Shades...duh

Hope you all are enjoying your week so far!  Just heard it's snowing up in NH...boooo


  1. i am surprised that i love those sunglasses. since i haven't loved oakleys in FOREVER.


  2. Have to have the Corona! Hope you can stop by and say hi sometime honey! Today's post is all about Mad Men fashion! Kori xoxo