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Thursday, March 1, 2012

It doesn't even taste like alcohol...

always a bad way to start a party...but nevertheless, tomorrow we are celebrating a great friends birthday all day long!  We are going to start by heading for a fun girls shopping trip, having a fun lunch followed by some much needed spa treatments!  We have some other fun things coming after that but can't say now because they are surprises!

Here's where the danger may come in...(i.e. "it doesn't taste like alcohol")
Just some arnold palmer jello shots in lemons...saw the recipe on Pinterest and had to try it out...I'll let you know how they are :)
Here's what I'm thinking of wearing
Something slouchy/comfy/cute/trendy...I want to look totally cute but also like I just threw something together...don't want to freak out any of the NH residents with anything outrageous.  I'm just pumped that I don't have to dress in black spandex for a day, woohoo for me!
Also...here's what I'm thinking for my nails-I guess I'm just really into grey lately
hmmm...I believe that's all for now but I can only imagine what's going to happen tomorrow.  Follow on twitter (@lteevens) if you want the play by play scoop on the girls day (mimosas, manicures, arnold palmer jello shots, wine, cucumber water, cheese and crackers, homemade guac and massages). 

Oh but don't worry, I do realize that I still have to take it easier.  I'm no longer in college and I need to take better care of myself (i.e. stay on a routine), but c'mon...a girl wants to have a little fun!  (KT did you read that...it was for you).

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