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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Travel Essentials

So I have a work trip coming up (a long plane ride to the West Coast), which got me thinking...what is everyone's go-to plane outfit?  I'm doing a link up because I need some inspiration on what to wear...I want to be comfy but cute...thoughts?  This is what I came up with so far but I'm still dying to see what everyone else wears!
My must-haves:

  • loose-fitting shirt 
  • long cardigan
  • flats (easy on/easy off)
  • large tote with iPad
  • large water (purchased after going through security of course)

Travel Essentials

Travel Essentials by lteevens featuring cream shoes
Link up and show your travel outfit/essentials...I'm sure we could all use some fashion inspiration:


  1. I'm a traveling bug since I go to Florida so often, and that is my EXACT outfit! Jeans (or leggings), a comfy plain tee, a long cardi and flats. Sometimes I bring a big scarf too in case the plane is cold!