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Monday, June 13, 2011

turning 25...June 14

turning 25...

My new necessities.  Whoever thought that those would change from beer, the gators, frat parties and sundresses?  I'm in a place that I never pictured I'd be but guess what.  I'm happy.  Yes, I live about a stone's throw from the arctic but I have a husband I adore, a family that loves me no matter what, the cutest dog in the world and a job that gives me plenty of freedom (schedule flexibility plus I get to work out at work and get paid!).

Yes my new necessities include uggs and fleece but hello...NH ain't warm people!  It also includes a beautiful engagement ring (which symbolizes my marriage to mr. hubby...it's more about the symbol than the ring), a taste for wino that sometimes gets me in trouble (teehee) and a never ending need for bronzer (again I live in the north country...sun is scarce!).

[sidenote: the wine and kindle provide endless comfort/entertainment in the dead of winter]

Sometimes I need to look back and realize how lucky I am...these past few days I've been dreading turning 25 but I do recognize how lucky I am and I need to remember that in moments of weakness. (really the weakness comes from not having my girls with me to celebrate)... miss you all :)

Thank you to all who follow my little blog...I appreciate you all!

turning 25... by Lteevens featuring sheep boots

PS. I'm a day younger than the Olsen twins you know.....


  1. Happy birthday sweet thang! I love and miss you and wish we were celebrating Gainesvegas-style! XO

  2. love following your blog! great roundup!!

    Check out daily crush for a daily dose of fashion and decor inspiration!

    xx Katie

  3. i love this post! and you! but i am sad i wasn't there to celebrate but i am glad that we are friends and can celebrate any time we want to!!