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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Random musings....

1. So the weather up here is not cooperating with my summer plans...the whole week has been 55 degrees and rainy.  Not cool...I need sun!
2. I need a pedicure badly but trimmed my toenails too short...now I have to wait! (sorry if that's TMI)
3. Speaking of pedicures...what's going on with the OPI "Shatter" stuff.  It reminds me of acid-wash jeans
4. Had to get a baby prezzie this week and found the cutest site EVER.  Serena and Lily...I may just have to have a bambino just so I can get my hands on their stuff!!!  TDF
 5. The Lu is driving me crazy...I have a terrible cold and all I want to do is lay in my bed, watch tv and read magazines and blogs.  The little punk/princess is all over me wanting to play with her damn ball...I feel like telling her that she isn't even playing with a real ball and that we have to buy her smaller one's because she's just a peanut. 

I swear, she's staring at me right now with the ball laying between her paws...CAN'T...WON'T...crap, I just threw the freaking ball...

Happy Saturday Peeps... XO

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  1. Ugh, so sorry about the weather!! Whenever I call home, my parents keep saying the same thing!! Hopefully it will turn around by the 4th:)