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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Go Gators

First off, Happy Thursday all! Is everyone looking forward to Friday!!!

Next, I had a really weird and incredibly offensive exchange today that really bummed me out.  Here's the background:

Two friends (co-workers) and I decided to try out Bikram (hot) Yoga.  There's a new studio open near us and we wanted to see what all the fuss was about.  We get there, there are only two other people in the class besides us, proceed to suffer through the class and finally all congregate with the teacher in the "cool-off" room/office.  That is when the exchange went down.  Here's the verbatim exchange between myself and another woman from class.

(woman to me):  Have you ever taken a hot yoga class before?

Me: Yes, I took some in CA and another one in Gainesville when I was in college.

Her: Oh, you went to UF (insert snarky face)?

Me: Yes I did...are you from FL? (trying to figure out connection bc most people don't know g-ville)

Her: Oh yeah, I'm from FL and my son really wants to go to UF, but I said absolutely not.  There's no way, he'd be what, 1 in 8,000 in a class.  Plus it's a huge party school...I'd never let him go there.

Me: (trying not to punch her in face) Oh well I loved going to school there.  It's really what you make it, I mean once you get into your college within the university, all of your classes are typically less than 14 people.  It's important to be self-motivated though, because there are those classes where you are in a large group.

Her: (not really listening and making a snotty face)...it's pretty much a party school...there's no way I would let him go.

Me:  I definitely partied when I went there but nothing like I've seen here at Dartmouth...I mean we partied at UF but the Dartmouth people party out of control.

Her: no comment.

I mean really?  Would you ever insult someone's school to their face?  I was appalled...this woman is pretty well-known in this area as a not super nice person, but she obviously has no manners either!

I actually was so bummed out by this that I tweeted it out and tagged Erin Andrews (a fellow Florida Journalism School Grad) who WROTE BACK TO ME! How cool is that!  Makes me want to find this lady and tell her to suck it!

All I have to say is this:  I love UF.  I had the best time there and met lifelong friends...I feel like I got an unbelievable education and wouldn't trade anything I got from that experience for the world. (not to mention that UF's Public Relations program is in the top 2 in the country)

Tell me this...have any of you been insulted to your face about anything like this?  Leave a comment...I want to know!

Oh yeah...most importantly: GO GATORS!!!!!
take that Jim Tressel


  1. What a snot! I hate when people are rude like that.

    P.S. This is Hillary from a gal and her dog. My blogger still won't let me post comments on some people's blogs that aren't anonymous. Driving me nuts!

  2. WHOAHHH what??? What a B! It would have taken every ounce of me not to punch her in the jugular. That is beyond rude...some people just have no filter and have no clue when to keep their mouths shut. You handled the situation well, love!

    University of Florida is the BOMB. Sure, we partied, but what college student doesn't party? We were there in an amazing time in history when we won 3 national championships. Sorrrrrry for partying!


  3. Seriously, what is wrong with her? If she did any research, she would also notice that the school has AWESOME credentials and obviously not all the kids are only partying. She's a fool to think her son won't party at any school...even a school with 1400 people. It's college. Time to live and learn and as a parent all you can do is hope you raised them well enough to know when enough is enough and when it's time to buckle down. That's how we all learned about balance. Rude woman. Maybe her rudeness is what kept her from being included at parties back in her day in college and that's why she is so bitter.

    Go Gators! LOVE the picture about success :)

  4. Well done you classy adpi! btw- I am obsessed with hot yoga!

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