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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Big Girl Party

So Thursday night I hosted my first official big girl party.  A co-worker sells Lia Sophia jewelry and needed someone to host a party, so I figured why not! No one has seen my house, this could be fun!

The party prep was pretty simple, I cleaned and organized everything inside and hubby made sure the lawn etc. outside looked good...truth be told, he came in and cleaned up inside after I was done because that's just how he rolls (side note: we have a new dyson vacuum and he's slightly obessed).  Reason number 1 million I love my hubby- he was so excited for me to host this party and did an amazing job helping me prep.

The actual party was really fun, I kept it pretty simple with just appetizers and wino (red/white) and mini bottles of water.  The menu was this:
  • Chips and homemade salsa
  • Chicken with peanut satay dip (super yummy and super simple)
  • Sliced peppers and wheat thins with hummus
  • Baked Brie
  • Cupcakes (served on my adorable cupcake stand!)
  • Blueberry bars (TDF...I'll post the recipe later)
I wish that I had some pics to show, but I can't seem to locate my camera anywhere...
(here's a pic of my cupcake stand...not my cupcakes but you get the idea) 

Lastly, I know it was a great party because everyone that I talked to the next day had a headache! Success!  Oh, and all the wine was gone....and hubby had done a bang-up job of cleaning in the morning.  He's good like that.

[side note: I definitely channeled my Nonny because I had all of my platters etc. set out the night before with post-its noting where all the various apps would go...it's in the genes I guess.]

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  1. i wish i could have been there! i love and miss you tito! we need a date soon. in person...