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Monday, June 27, 2011

Dear Mr. AT&T Man

Dear Mr. AT&T Man,

You suck.

All I wanted to do after work is talk to my bf whitney and you dropped my call not one, not two, NOT THREE but FOUR times.  That is not okay.  I realize that I live in New Hampshire (aka no man's land) but even we regularly have service.  I don't know if you are pitching a fit because NH has had such bad weather lately but that is NOT OKAY with me.

I'm about thisclose to switching over to Verizon...I guarantee they wouldn't have dropped my call that many times.

By the end of the "phone issue" session...I was cursing so loud that the Lu tried to hide under her bed in the front seat.
The second thing I'm currently having an issue with (sorry for the whining but I can't seem to control myself) is Ashley (or perhaps I should call her Asssley) on the Bachelorette.

So I missed the first portion of the show when Bentley came back, but I got back just in time to see her make a total fool of herself in front of all the guys.  She's a moron...she just made all of those guys hate her.  I mean, I wouldn't want to compete with a d-bag like Bentley...who openly made fun of Ashley and repeatedly said he was not attracted to her etc.!!!!

Newsflash Ashley- everyone wishes it was Emily on the bachelorette, not you!

Oh, god, now she's crying.  Pathetic live and in the flesh.

Signing off to watch the rest of this circus...oh look, didn't have to wait long...someone just left voluntarily because Ashley's also a d-bag.



  1. too funny, AT&T hates me too. It used to be the worst when I lived in New England... damn mountains!

  2. i feel your pain on BOTH of these gripes.

    i hate hate hate at&t and cannot wait til my contract is up and can jump ship to verizon. sadly i will be waiting probably til iPhone 5 comes out and verizon gets their act together with simultaneous surfing/talking which believe it or not i do a lot of.

    and i agree, ashley's approach was just all wrong. she's over bentley yet can't stop saying his name in her one-on-one interviews? she should have been much more sensitive to the rest of the guys being that she WAS one of them in brad's season. i don't blame mickey for up and leaving. after a while i got annoyed with her and changed the channel.

  3. yeah...pretty annoyed myself....got cut off on an important part of the convo!!



  4. verizon dropped my calls 4 times the other day as well. 4 times in a 10 minute window. where i always have perfect service. what gives?