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Thursday, April 5, 2012

have you ever...

Have you ever had a joke go too far?
I have.  Actually it happened today...
I was at Staples and I was talking to the check-out lady (who thought I was hilarious) and found out that she was just "in-training" to be a cashier.  
I asked her if when she became a "real" cashier she could get one of the sweet red Staples v-neck sweaters.

She said that she didn't really "do sweaters"...but her supervisor came up behind her and started telling me about how she has a red, black and grey one.  She also said that if I really liked them that I could probably go online and order one...and that she could tell me where I could get it embroidered.

At that point I didn't dare laugh or let on that I was joking...it would have been too mean...because the lady was really excited (I felt even worse because she had one crossed-eye so I couldn't figure out which eye to look in).

That joke went too far and I feel like karma may come back to get me for being mean...crossing my fingers that doesn't happen :)  

If anyone has had a similar experience please tell me all about it...I need a laugh :)  See you tomorrow for Friday Fancies!


  1. Ha ha! At least they didn't get you to actually buy one out of guilt :)

  2. Don't beat yourself up! Everyone sticks their foot in their mouth at some point...case in point, almost every celebrity ever.