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Sunday, April 22, 2012

House update!

I am so excited...the house is finally starting to reflect how much work we (and by we, I mean mostly hubby) have been putting into it!  This week/weekend all the trim and painting was completed!  The biggest excitement...my office!

I had a vision for the room but not an exact color picked out.  We were in a semi time crunch so I literally went into the paint store and made my pick that was the closest to what I had in mind (enter nerves...)

Here's the finished product!

I am LOVING it!  Hubby and his friend were slightly alarmed at the brightness but they calmed down when all was said and done :)
Now a little preview of what I'm thinking for this room (my office)...pops of pink and black, mercury glass accents and a chevron black/white print rug...can't wait to show you the finished product!


  1. Tito it is going to look AMAZING!! Such a grown up you are :)

  2. That will be gorgeous!! LOVE that color! Please share what it is.

  3. Love the color - its super classically you!