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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Things I learned today

1. Do-it-yourself file boxes are REALLY hard to put together
2. There are people way weirder than me...like "we-tested-our-blood-sugar-together-at-the-table-on-our-date-because-we're-both-diabetic weird" Sad but actually made me feel totally normal and cool (despite not being able to put together that damn file box)
3. I love red wine...fav: Menage-et-tois
4. I have a sever opinion issue...like I'm quick to make an opinion and relatively harsh with it (although sometimes I'm...gasp...wrong about it)
5. I don't have a fifth thing but I hate ending on number 4...it's just annoying.

Okay best of luck to everyone on the give-a-way...I'm picking tomorrow! XO

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