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Sunday, March 20, 2011

ahh spring...it's almost here. I can feel it!

It's been in the high 30s and 40s way up here this week, which means...it's almost Spring!  I have been shivering in my boots trying to wear my spring stuff...I'm just so tired of wearing puffy coats I could scream!  Bring on the lightweight sweaters/scarves and sandals!

If I never see my uggs until next November I'll be happy...same goes for my ski pants and jackets...I'll happily kiss them goodbye!

All I'm asking for is my sunglasses (which, believe it or not, require sun), some cute pants and tops...that you can actually see.  I realized too late that dressing up in the winter is a waste because no one ever sees what's under your coat!!!!

Here's to Spring!
SpringSpring by Lteevens featuring a silk shawl

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  1. love love love the outfit :) ahhh! xo such a great blog girl :) cant wait to read more! HURRAY FOR SPRING!