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Monday, March 7, 2011

Spring can't get here soon enough

So the weather here is frightful.  We lost power last night and have yet to re-gain it.  I had to head to work looking like a total disaster...and spent the day trying to convince my staff to come to work so that I don't have to stay until 10pm!

Last night it was an ice storm, this morning it was a combination and now it's snowing.  This weather has more issues than Charlie Sheen...and it's WINNING since we have NO power and hubby just told me that our road is blocked off, which means...Sleepover at Kirtie's house!

Since today's weather is such a disaster, I spent most of my (very limited) free time daydreaming about warm weather, sandals and sundresses and other fun warm-weather accessories...because let's face it, when you're living up here you're always too damn bundled up to see any cute jewelry etc.
all cuteness via: ShopCerulean.com and Snappy-Turtle.com

Hope you are all having a better Monday than me! At least the Bachelor is on :)

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