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Friday, March 11, 2011

house ideas

so Hubby and I are thinking of building a house, which is super exciting but also super scary to think about.  There are so many things to decide and worry about!

Naturally, I'm choosing to focus on the fun part...picking out things from magazines etc. that I like and want to incorporate.

Here are some things that have caught my eye:
love the banquette and cushions...also love the big island
the ceiling is a different texture than the walls...love that.  Also ADORE the monogrammed chest
Gray cabinets? Yes please!
Bear with me, I'm sure there will be more inspiration pics to come...oh, and any and all ideas/photo suggestions are welcome!

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  1. Love that huge island in the first picture!

  2. I know its another layer of complication - but you should really look into the many ways to build a sustainable house. Recycled materials like wood floors, insulation made from old (recycled) jeans, energy efficient appliances and cooling/heating systems, the list goes on. Just fun food for thought! Love the pics though!!