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Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekend Recap

Hi All! I am happy to report that I am back in regular form today...Thank the lord!

This weekend was SO FUN!  My BFF Whit came up for the Mud Ball (my first post-college committee event) and got to see what NH is like in the Winter (insert sarcasm here).

Since I'm not currently driving, Matt got to chauffer Whit and I around beginning with her arrival Friday night!  She was greeted in the NordicaMobile (pic to come soon) with a chilled bottle of wino and two glasses.  I will admit that I made the mistake of getting out of the car to greet and and in all of my excitement I also brought out the wino and waved it around in front of airport security...to which hubby said,

"Linds! Those are Policemen...put the wine in the car"

to which I responded

"They aren't real cops, they're rent-a-cops from Airport security!"  (I apologize if anyone was offended by this comment)

Anyhoo, we were shortly on our way home where we proceeded to laugh and reminisce about the good old days...(aka 2004-2008) which seem so long ago now.  Hubby was rolling his eyes the whole time but I know that he was secretly digging the fact that we were so cool in college :)

The next day we woke up and headed into Hanover to get some breakfast/coffee/shop and set up for the Mud Ball.  Whitney was my designated driver that day as well as overall friend of the year for helping set up for the party with me (although I will admit that we left set-up early so that we could go home and use our new Sally Hansen Glitter press on nails).

We then showered, got ready college-style...as in it was a group effort.  Her helping me put curlers in, me helping her decide on lip color...basically wasting time and being girly. 

Next up was our pre-party...which started out slow and quickly gained momentum once people starting showing up (always key).  I had to run out a little early to finish set up (which pretty much consisted of me running up the hill in a cocktail dress and mud boots carrying a ski boot and large duffle bag...not my best look).

Whit and Hubby walked up to the partay right at 7pm (hello, open bar)!  The rest of the night was a slight blur and consisted of the following things:
1. Whit and I taking tequila shots in a closet with other awesome committee members
2. Dancing like maniacs to the AMAZING disco band
3. Me getting mad at hubby for not dancing with me
4. Drink requests for Hubby
5. More dancing...also me picking Amy up off the stage after her 3rd attempt at an announcement about the auction

Sunday morning was rough...scratch that, Sunday all day was rough.  I need to remember that I am no longer in college and need to restrain myself.  I'm super impressed at Whit's ability to stave off hangovers...I was majorly jealous of that.

So, this week my goals are as follows: (hoping to be a more productive member of society)
1. Drink Lots of Water
2. Take 2 Pilates Classes on the Reformer
3. Cook dinner 3 nights this week
4. Let hubby know how much I appreciate him
5. oh, and be productive at work


  1. did you forget about us meeting JODI PICOULT?? best day ever....xox

  2. Sounds SOO fun! I want to see pics ASAP!