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Sunday, March 13, 2011

What I learned this weekend

So this weekend I went to my first ski race.  It was the NCAA Championships in Stowe...hubby was a ski racer for UVM so he's super into it (oh, and he knows everyone and their moms...literally.  I met some ppl's moms this weekend).

Moving on, here's what a college-football loving, mostly southern chick learned at a Ski Race

1. It's freaking cold
2. You have to hike halfway up the mountain to see it...and even then you can only see parts of it
3. Schools that I've never heard of are favored (Univ. of Denver/Alaska-Anchorage/New Mexico)...they don't even have football teams- who are they?!
4. Unlike all other sporting events I've been to, they do not update you with other sports scores.  This made me particularly mad because the Gators were playing bball at that point in time.
5. There is no tailgating...WHAT! You stand around all day in the freezing cold (you wouldn't even need a cooler of ice because, you know, your on snow) with no adult beverages to warm you up...Insanity!

I will say however, that skiing has a cult following...maybe because you can continue to ski after you're done racing.  I don't know, but it was pretty fun to watch hubby having such a fun time seeing everyone and reminiscing.  (although that ski hill has NOTHING on the SWAMP, and believe me, I told people that).

oh, and one other important thing i learned this weekend...I'm not in college anymore...so I really shouldn't try to keep up with the undergrads at the bar.  I'm officially old.


  1. 1. I laughed out loud multiple times while reading this.
    2. It says you posted at 8:33 which kinda creeps me out because really, I'm reading the future. It's 7:41 here. Get it??
    3. I'm old too. Was in bed reading by 9 BOTH nights this weekend. Ummmm. Yeah.

  2. Soo my family and I were up in Ludlow, VT this past week skiing at Okemo!! We even went into Hanover (my parents used to live there when my dad went to Vermont Law School) and I thought of you! We toured around Dartmouth bc my mom used to work at the medical center there :) SO funny..Anyway there were TONS of ski races on the mountain on Saturday! It was crazy. Agreed that it has nothing on the Swamp!