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Monday, February 2, 2009

To Bootie or Not to Bootie...

Today I am faced with a pretty big decision...do I buy workout dog some booties?!...This may sound funny to warm weather peeps, but up here in the frozen arctic it gets a little too chilly for workout dogs' tiny feet.  I realized this when she began doing a little "chilly dance" of sorts.

The "chilly dance" consists of workout dog wiggling around and alternately lifting up one of her legs (she tries to lift them all up at the same time but seems to have finally figured out that that doesn't work)...it's really a pathetic sight...must get some video to show what I'm talking about.

Another reason I'm considering doggie booties is because the salt that gets spread on the sidewalks (to do something with ice...I'm a little unsure of the purpose-I'm a complete winter virgin)..anyways, the aforementioned ice and salt get caught in workout dogs' little paws and causes her pain.  I know whenever she's stepped in too much salt because she refuses to walk and starts doing the chilly dance, which means that I have to pick her up and carry her back home (her little paws get my coat VERY dirty...not cool)

It seems that I have no choice but to get her some booties...hopefully there will be some cute options (I'm very big on cuteness, probably because there is a serious lack of it way up here in no-man's land...aka NH)

Here's an example of some booties...
  By the way...workout dog is barking at this picture as I am typing...she must not like this style...


Spinning is one of my favorite workouts...it kicks my butt every time, it is also relatively low-impact, which is great if you have an injury or just want to give your joints a break.

If you don't have time to take a spinning class you can always hit up the gym and do your own spinning workout.

Here's a few suggestions to get your heart pumping (and burn more calories)!
1. Make sure to get a good warm up (3-5 minutes should do it...think of it as the length of a song on your iPod)
2. Alternate between high speed/low resistance and low(er) speed/high resistance.  
3. Try interval training...say you are doing high resistance/low speed...start at a moderate amount of resistance and up it every 40-45 seconds...up the resistance at least 3 times...(using a longer song helps...when a song cuts off in the middle of an interval it always breaks my concentration)
4. Move your hands around, that is, don't stay in the same place.  Get rid of boredom by moving around on the bike.  
1st position= sitting regularly on the bike
2nd position= standing up straight but using the handlebars only for balance
3rd position= hunched over with your back straight and your butt hovering over the seat
*each position will enable you to focus on certain specific body parts (while also changing up the workout to prevent boredom)
5. When pedaling for speed, make sure to put enough resistance on your bike-otherwise it's very bad for your knees!

Happy Workout!

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