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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Long time no talk...

Hello out there...what has everyone been up to? I have been trying to stay busy looking for a job!  Yes, a real job where my boss isn't my dad...any suggestions?

Apparently Dartmouth finally figured me out...they said that with all the budget cuts they couldn't pay me anymore to sit around and answer the phone (please, we all knew that was coming).  However, they made sure to tell me that I could come into the office any time I want and work for free!  Ha ha, yeah right-even I am not that desperate!  

So now my job hunt continues...I have a little bit of fire under me for this new job hunt because I have no more disposable income coming my way and I think that the parental units are about ready to have me move on and up...I got that feeling when they told me they were going to be moving my bed to the new house in FL and that from now on I will be sleeping in the guest room.  Talk about pulling the "rug" out from under me...if I had a rug in my room that might be gone as well!

Now my days are filled with searching the web for job leads, writing and tweaking coverletters and resumes and trying to bleed BT dry of all his potential contacts.  I know, I'm living the life!

Not that I have no time for some fun, last night (after a minor time confusion) I went and saw Confessions of a Shopaholic! It was fantastic...I have developed a crush on Luke Brandon (aka Hugh Dancy, aka Claire Danes' fiance), he is absolutely delicious! 

Hope everyone has a great day!  

xoxo workout girl (ha ha...like gossip girl! I crack myself up!)

p.s. no workout tip today-sorry!

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