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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It's a Dogs Life

Did anyone watch the Westminster Dog Show last night?  I only managed to catch a few minutes but did get to see the all of the "workout dog dogs"...so did she.  Actually workout dog had a great time growling at all the dogs except for the two that looked like her...those two she wagged her tail at and barked?! (apparently she's a little narcissist)

Anyways, I woke up this morning to see that the winner was Stump! He's the oldest dog ever to win the show (10 years old...I can't even say what I was doing at ten-probably thinking boys were gross-definitely not winning big stuff like that!!!). The old guy managed to beat out nearly a thousand other dogs to take home the title.  

Another amazing fact about little Stump is that he nearly died a few years ago...he had to be rushed to the hospital and put on some sort of ventilator.  Nevertheless he made a miraculous comeback and last night won Westminster (what a comeback kid, he's like the Lance Armstrong of dogs)

According to Stumps' owner, he now gets to live the rest of his life in pure luxury; case in point-he rode home to Michigan in first class seats (do you think he got Champagne to celebrate?)! Hopefully Stumps will enjoy retirement and have a long happy rest of his life.

I am now wondering whether or not Stumps made some money from this big win?  I know a certain 9 lb bitch (ha ha get it) who loves her some older men...could be fate!

Here's the handsome boy...what a doll!

Here is another pic that I thought merited some space on the page...
What a little prince...I didn't dare show workout dog this picture for fear that she would make me blow dry her hair after baths too.

..As for the workout tip for today...take the day off.  Every once in a while your muscles need a break and by taking time off you give them time to recover so that the next time you workout they will be more effective! 

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