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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cold Weather Stinks

Can I just tell you how tired I am of cold weather.  It's almost March...I haven't seen grass in FOREVER!

I am so freaking tired of wearing the same brown L.L.Bean coat every day (but it's the warmest one I have!)...I even got in a fight (gasp) with workout Mom because I bought a new fleece.  (she said I didn't need it and I finally cracked...I told her that YES I DO need that new fleece, because if I have to keep wearing my freaking brown coat I was going to light my hair on fire!

She must have realized that she had opened up a can of worms that she did NOT want to deal with because she just nodded and walked out without any sort of response.  

It's been two weeks since that incident and I mellowed a little bit about the cold...until Monday. Monday would be the day where we got 9" of snow. Yes, 9"...almost a foot!  Usually we use workout mom's car, but since her big car is in the shop-we are using my little VW Passat.  Mind you, there was 9" of snow on my car...when I walked outside the only thing I could see was the tires-Everything else was COVERED in snow.

It took me 30 min to dig my car out.  Imagine me, a person who hates snow, digging out my car in 15 degree weather.  I got madder and madder by the second.  By the end I was hacking my car with the snow-removal brush like it was a punching bag. (I'm sorry for that now, sorry car)

Let's just say that me and snow are in a little bit of a feud right now.

Okay, I'm done venting about the weather.

Now, on a lighter note...Guess who got some snow boots-Workout Dog!

check her out:


ahhh! I wish that I had taken a video of her running around in her boots!  She was a little wobbly at first but then ran around like it was nothing.  The only thing about the boots is that they make a "Thump" noise whenever she walks...you can hear her little feet walking on the pavement (I couldn't stop laughing for like an hour)

*sidenote* the adorable dog in the picture next to Lucy is her boyfriend Gus! (and yes, they are very happy together).

I'll try to take a video of her in the boots tomorrow!


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