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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Red Hot Incident

Okay, I'm just going to come out and say it.  Red hots are the devil's candy.  They look all cute and innocent in their little pink package-some are even heart shaped...but once you start to really enjoy them BAMMM...they burn your tongue.  I'm serious, last week I had a lot of red hots when I was at work and before I knew it I couldn't feel my tongue.  I think that I literally burned the taste buds off of my tongue.

I know...it sounds crazy...but it took a few days for my taste buds to recover.  My tongue was burned by those little suckers!  

Moral of Story: BEWARE when buying red hots for your Valentine...you are much better off with conversation hearts or, my personal favorite, Valentine's nerds, oh yeah or chocolate I guess (I'm not really a chocolate person)

Now that the red hot incident (which will now be referred to as RHI) is over I can give a little workout advice for tuesday/wednesday...since I didn't write anything yesterday!

Ladies and Ladies, I would like to introduce you to....The Stairmaster 
*Believe me, I hate it just as much as you all probably do...I dread Stairmaster workout days...but it is a great workout that works different muscles than running or the elliptical (which gives a false calorie count btw)

What I do: I typically use the Stairmaster at least once a week for 30-35 minutes.  I put it on the "fat burning" workout and use level 11.  I have found this setting to be the most comprehensive...it varies your pace, resistance and distance of climbs.  It is also a good toning workout for your legs!

Now I know that 30 min seems like a long time on this machine, but I am going to let you in on a little secret that helps me get through the workouts in what seems like no time (yes I'm serious)

Secret of the Stairmaster: 
Have 30 minutes of good music on your iPod AND (most importantly) have reading material...either a book or magazine, just something to keep your mind focused on something besides the time on the screen.  Most of the machines I have used have a handy little book shelf right under the screen that holds your book in place!  If you do this simple thing I guarantee your workout will go by much faster and you will be very happy with the results at the end!

Now...to leave you with a cute picture of workout dog (who has become my sidekick and now likes to sit on my lap as I type)

FYI: Today it was a balmy 0 degrees when I walked to my orthodontist appointment (I'm using Invisalign..)...needless to say, I will be inside for the rest of the day!


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