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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Will You Be My Valentine?

Can I just say how happy I am that Valentine's Day is on a Saturday.  I am so freaking pumped that I don't have to see all the happy "coupled" people getting all of their stupid Valentine's Day crap (don't get me wrong, last Valentine's Day when I had a significant other I was psyched for it, coudn't wait for V-day)...this year however, I am happy to see it go.  I don't need to see all the flowers on desks etc.  If I never see a single red rose again I'll be happy...

However-I will say that workout mom has always made Valentine's Day a fun and special holiday (ever since I was little)...we have decorations, cards and always get some cute little prezzies (this year I got an adorable tank top with bow from J.Crew-coincidentally very similar to the one I got her for v-day...like mother like daughter I suppose), she definitely makes the most of Valentine's Day.  I can remember opening my lunch box to find an entire Valentine-themed lunch and there were the times when she would order little monogrammed paper bags that said, 
"happy valentine's day love, lindsay" 
for me to fill with candy and pass out to my class...so adorable!

This year for my valentines I sent out cards to my love friends and handed out nerds (the candy) Valentine's to people at worky.  I also got workout dog a cute t-shirt that she is sporting right now!

here...isn't she precious (she even has her valentine's collar on)
I hope everyone has a very happy v-day-whatever you are doing...xoxo

P.S. I have some funny relatives in town (4 kids under age 7) who are trying to hold workout dog hostage...she has been hiding from them all day...more on that later!

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