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Sunday, February 22, 2009

The funny thing about small dogs.

Happy Sunday!  Are any of you sore from the workout I listed on Friday...I definitely am...especially in my back and shoulders.

Someone I know who isn't sore...workout dog.  She has had a great weekend of leisure (as opposed to her weeks of leisure).  She pretty much goes from room to room to lay in her beds (yes bedS...plural, this little chick has a bed in almost every room).  One thing about workout dog that has me thinking (besides her penchant for undies...little sicko) is her size.  When I got her the breeder said that she would be on the small side, as in 15-18lbs...Cavaliers are typically 20-25lbs.  

Workout dog is now tipping the scales at 10lbs (she's 8 months old). Now, I am no dog expert, but I'm pretty sure that dogs don't grow much past age one...and five lbs. on a small dog would be like a human gaining 60lbs-or at least that is how I picture it.  You would think that with all the money I plunked down for my little bundle of joy, they would have told me that she would be a MINI-as in she is tiny! I had someone ask me if she was a teacup puppy-to which my friend Amy said, "yes, she is a teacup Bernese Mountain Dog.." (snicker snicker).

Not that I have anything against little dogs...I think that they are adorable.  It's just that I would have liked a little warning that my companion will never be able to jump onto the couch without help, or never be able to climb on my bed and comfort me if I'm sad.  No, now I have to lift her up at her whim and  put her down when she's tired of sitting with me. 

Another funny thing about small dogs is that sometimes those suckers just slip right by you.  Sometimes I'll be in the bathroom brushing my teeth etc. and I will catch a glimpse of her on her cute little bed just resting.  I think, "she is so good, I love her"...I turn my head for a second to finish whatever I'm doing...turn to look at her again and BAM...she's gone.  I then look around the room only to realize that she is sitting 2 steps from me just gazing up at me.  Because she is a dog (and really cute) I don't mind it that much, but if she were anyone else I would think she was totally creepy.

Another fun thing about her evasiveness is that she can get out without me noticing! Yesterday I opened the front door quickly to feel the temperature...the door was literally open for 3 seconds.  I shut the door and looked around for workout dog...that sneaky thing had managed to slip right by me and was playing in the snow.  Playing in the snow may sound innocent enough, but with small dogs there are two things to worry about with snow;
1. Are they warm enough...workout dog gets very chilly without her coat, so I have to make sure to keep the shivers at bay by dressing her accordingly (on warm days she can get away with just a little t-shirt...)
2. How high is the snow. If the snow it too high small dogs can get stuck...I know this because it happened to workout dog earlier this year.  I let her out to potty by herself while I warmed up my coffee inside in my pajamas...a couple of minutes go by and I realize that I haven't heard her scratching at the door to come in.  I look outside and sure enough, I hear a little whimper coming from a couple feet outside the door.  Workout dog had climbed into a snowbank and coudn't get out! (I had to run out in my pj's to quickly rescue her!)

I must say that for all the funny/annoying things that can happen with small dogs, it doesn't get any better than one of them curling up on your lap and falling asleep while you're typing...big dogs certainly have that against them.

I hope that you are all going to watch the Oscars tonight! I will be curled up on my couch with a certain alleged "mini" dog happily snoozing on my lap.

xoxo workout girl (newly minted small dog owner/lover)

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