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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Football Season Necessities

Football Necessities

1. Hair curlers...you need big hair to cheer your team on, duh! (along with a teasing comb and hairspray)
2. Sunglasses...so you can see everything
3. Wine (or other adult beverage of choice) used to tailgate, celebrate a win or calm yourself after a loss
4. Jeans (if you're above N. Carolina...otherwise a sundress is a necessity)
5. Purse that can hold any and everything (coozies, shades, wine bottle [if necessary], lip gloss and cell phone)
6. Cell phone to check scores from around the country
7. Mascara...because who can leave home without it!
8. Confidence...I couldn't find a pic for this but you definitely need it throughout the season. Always hold your head high and stay confident in your team.
9. Lucky charm (be it necklace, morning routine or nail polish color)...I'm guilty of all three :)
10. Something cute in your teams' colors...OBVI!

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your gamedays...leave me a comment with who you cheer the hardest for...I want to know!  XO


  1. This is such a cute list! I am an Auburn girl through-and-through and even though we live in Cali now, I wear gameday colors every Saturday (and so do my two little boys!) I can't believe the last weekend of our regular season is here already :(

  2. omg this is funny! Love your blog!!