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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sad and funny at the same time

So we had a minor situation at the Knittle house on Monday evening...allow me to set the stage.

Hubby and I were talking upstairs when I hear the footsteps of little Lucy climbing the stairs.  I see her head pop out from the stairwell and take her first step almost on the landing when...BOOM...boom...boom....all the way down.  Lu lost her footing on the wood floors, slipped and hit every single stair all the way down to the bottom.

I immediately began to cry and ran down to see how she was!  There she is (bless her little heart) shaking and trembling gazing up at me with her big brown eyes.
In her wedding outfit
I gently picked her up, checked her for injuries and brought her into bed with me....where I kept a vigil all night whenever she would move or breath loudly (I was very concerned about internal bleeding).  The next morning I carried her downstairs and she seemed okay...did a lot of this:

The really sad thing happened today when she went over to grandma's house and refused to go up or down stairs of any kind.  I guess I hadn't noticed because I'd been just picking her up and carrying her for the past few times.  Apparently she wouldn't climb stairs inside or outside...she even got thrown a ball that went downstairs and she saw where it went and ran in the other direction!

We may need a dog therapist...she seems very upset about all of this.  She wouldn't even go up two stairs to the bank this afternoon!

The little diva...she practically had a nervous breakdown...what am I to do!  I also can't seem to get that poor picture of her almost getting to the top of the stairs out of my head.  We trimmed her feet (which is what caused the problem) but she's still terrified.  I only hope that my children (when I have them in many years) don't fall down the stairs like that!  So everyone...I hope that this little story/crisis brought a smile to your face :)  Happy Hump Day XO

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  1. LOVED reading this story- hope your fur baby is facing her fears! :) It's so interesting the things that stick with them! I always wonder what mind is thinking, silly as that may be!