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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Recent Purchases

So I did do a little shopping this past week/weekend...here are a few things that caught my eye:
Frye "Melissa" riding boots...go great with everything. Dresses, jeans etc.!

Dartmouth Green AG jeans (thanks to bff Whit!)...Loving these and can't wait to wear them this weekend!
I didn't get this exact necklace but thought of all my gator girls when I saw this...it's from the cutest company "The Pink Poppy" which has a great price point...super affordable and adorable!!!!
Here's the link...it smells AMAZING
Okay so not sure if anyone saw but up here in NH we got some snow this past weekend...that is NOT cool with me. It is only November 1 people...WTF!  This candle got me a little bit more in the "winter" spirit but c'mon...I want fall still!

What is everyone else buying this season....jeans, purses...I want to know!  XO


  1. I want to get on trend with the colored jeans but just dont know if I can pull it off! Take pics when you wear them :) Love the boots! Im trending some serious blazer action this fall..who knew all the suit jacekts from my sorority days would come in handy again!

  2. Jealous of those boots!

  3. yay! those pants are going to ROCK this weekend. and i LOVE those boots.

    sorry i didn't call you back. and i work tonight. tomorrow my love!

    xo, whit

  4. Love those pants and boots! I just discovered your blog and I am your newest follower.