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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Have you...or do you...

Ever have "wti"...aka White Trash Issues?!  I'm currently having a root issue, as in, my blonde hair isn't quite so blonde right now.

I'm having a "britney moment"

Check this out...

It's only been 4 weeks!  Oh, and please pardon the lack of makeup and seriously pale skin...not my best look I know.
What do you all think of this hair for winter?
too dark or just right?
So there you are peeps...I am white-trashing out in full-force.  Oh, and do yourselves a favor- NEVER EVER google "white trash"...what you see on there will scar you forever.

Happy Humpday Peeps! XO


  1. Just right! You'd look great with an ombre blend!

  2. bahahahahaha! This isn't even bad! Kori xoxo

  3. Yes, ombre is a great option and it's easy to maintain! I did the ombre before I went back to all dark!